Freestyle in Livigno

Livigno might not have the huge size of some of the other European ski resorts but what it lacks in km’s it certainly makes up for in freestyle areas and style. The atmosphere and vibe all complement the ski area and it has to be one of the coolest resorts in the Alps that we know. So what does it have to offer in the way of freestyle areas?

Mottolino Snowpark

Freestyle Snowparks Boardercross Livigno

One of the top snowparks in the Alps and home to the training area of the GB park and pipe team. If it’s good enough for them and many other national training teams then you have to take a visit and see what all the fuss is about. It features 4 lines – SM, L and XL and its 800m long. The Trepalle chairlift takes you right over the park so you get a birds eye view of all the pro’s hitting the big jumps and doing their tricks. The XL line is dedicated to the professional’s in the park but as well as the jumps there are over 50 rails, boxes and obstacles that you can try to hit. Some of the big European competitions take place in this snowpark such as the Europa cup and it has been host to some big events in the past too.

As well as the large snowpark the Mottolino Fun Mountain also features the Yepi area which is great for families or beginners and has a small line of jumps and obstacles to try too. Its great for practising before you hit the big park.

Carosello 3000 – The Beach Snowpark and Funslope

Every year this park area just gets better and better and is a very popular area to head for if you are a freestyle lover. Situated right at the top of the Carosello 3000 gondola it’s easy to get to and there’s a small chairlift to get you back up to the top with some awesome views.

It’s got some great jumps for perfecting your style and a cool chill out area where you can watch everyone else with deckchairs and beanbags – on a sunny day it’s the perfect spot on the mountain

Also new in 2018/19 season The Beach Funslope opened and was the longest funslope in Europe with some crazy bends and tunnels and is 1700 metres long.

The Beach hosts one of the best snowboard and ski competitions of the season – The Guardian – where pro’s and locals are together try to win the slalom race.

Other Freestyle areas in Livigno include…

American Park

Located in San Rocco near the No. 10 Amerikan ski lift, this park with its 20 rails and 4 jumps lies within easy reach and is a popular place to practise your skills.


Lift 20 Snowpark

New for last winter, this small park area was a big hit with locals and tourists and will only get better. Hosted a Redbull competition at the end of last season and is set to host many more events next season including some Snowboard Camps


Doss Mini Snow Park

Opposite Marco’s in San Rocco and is a small mini area with a mini-jump, rails and jibbing structure.


Freeride Cross

Mottolino offers a mini course with obstacles, some jumps, lots of cool bends which you can race down – its near the Sponda and Valfin area on the way down to the Camanel Restaurant.


Tagliede Mini Snow Park

The park is located in Via Ostaria street at the Tagliede chairlift (no. 27). There is a mini-jump, rails and jibbing infrastructure.


San Rocco Mini Snow Park

The park is easily accessible with public transportation and located in Via Saroch street at the start of the San Rocco chairlift and chair lift (no. 17a/17b). There is a mini jump, rails and jibbing infrastructure.

Whatever your level in Livigno there is something for everyone and dedicated freestyle lessons can be booked too even if you are a beginner.