Group lessons

Group lessons are a fantastic way to learn especially if you are a complete beginner or maybe it's just your second week on the slopes. Many people think ski school is just for beginners but there are also groups for intermediate and advanced levels as well.

Being in a group can be great fun and can certainly make your holiday much more enjoyable and many people meet new friends this way and even end up meeting up on holiday the following year. 

Group lesson times

Please find below the different times you can choose from and you don't even have to decide the time now you can simply email us 7 days before you arrive and we guarantee the time you prefer.  (different starting dates available on request by email)

  • Group lessons for 2 hours from 0900 to 1100, Starting Sunday - Courses available for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels
  • Group lessons for 2 hours from 1100 to 1300. Starting Sunday - Courses available for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels
  • Group lessons for 4 hours from 0900 - 1100 and then from 1300 - 1500 - Courses available for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels

Ski & Snowboard School prices

What happens on the first morning

On the first morning, the instructors will meet all adults & children of all levels at the same meeting point - then the intermediates and advanced levels will get a quick ski test to check your level and then then split into groups on this basis.

For complete beginners, you will stay in the beginners area where again the instructors will split the adults and children into different groups and then start to teach you the basics.   As you progress over the next few days it is possible the groups can change as some people who pick it up quicker may be moved up a group level.

At the end of the week there is also the prize giving ceremony where you will receive a certificate with the level of skiing or boarding you have reached and the kids will also get a certificate & a medal.

Group lessons are always best booked in advance as they can be full by the time of arrival day especially in peak weeks