Livigno Cross Country

* consecutive days.
**Senior born in 1955 and earlier. Junior born in 2004 and later
*** every additional day after the sixth day (only available at the information offices)
The special rate residents is offerd to all guests staying at ACTIVE HOTEL or APARTMENT
Teams, ski clubs and anyone else who needs an invoice or wishes to purchase multiple tickets can select ‘purchase multiple tickets or with an invoice’ in the yellow section on this page.
The ticket will be generated as a QR code. The skier will have to make sure to have it on theor person in digital form (on a mobile device) or on paper.
On the track will be present the personnel in charge of the control, equipped with appropriate identification clothing, authorized to check the ticket or seasonal pass. Skiers without a ticket will have to leave the track, or they'll have to pay the penalty fee corresponding to twice the reference daily rate.