Livigno Summer Activities

Livigno is not just famous for it's ski area but also popular in the summer months with many people including walkers, bikers, hikers and pro athletes who come to train here because of the superb facilities and high altitude.  Whether your looking for a relaxing scenic holiday with gentle river walks or an activity packed holiday - Livigno has it all.

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Summer Excursions

Bike Rental

To view and rent all kinds of bikes including MTB with carbon suspensions and E -MTB as well as standard mountain bikes and  E-city bikes,  click below

Bike Rental Prices

Bernina Express

The highest railroad in the alps with some stunning views through Switerland passing glaciers and picturesque Swiss villages.  There are 2 routes you can choose from (itinery 1 or 2).

*child price age 6-16 and children from 0-5 are free

Itinery 1 departs Livigno at 0920 and returns at 1715 (option to return at 2000 as well)

Itinery 2 departs Livigno at 0845 and returns at 183

Guided Walks

Looking for a qualified Mountain Guide to show you the best routes and views . all levels of walks and tours available from easy to difficult

(page coming soon)


AquaGranda - Slide & Fun 

Aquagranda Slide & Fun is pure fun for both adults and children. The baby pool, the castle with water slides, the adrenaline water slides, the whirlpools and the water jets are the ideal fun for adults and children.

A dip in the fun! The magical castle with water sprays, games and many water slides for young and old, will give you endless enjoyment, for the whole family. From the swimming pool 0 - 3 years, to the swimming pool with hydromassage areas, sunbeds.

Aquagranda is the highest water park in Europe with: 1 Pool 0 - 3 years, 1 Pool with slides 3 - 10 years, 3 brand new adrenaline slides of 100 meters each that come out and back from the structure, 1 Adult pool with various water jets, 4 whirlpools.


AquaGranda - Wellness & Relax

Pleasure for all 5 senses!
In a completely renovated area with an architecture rich in elements typical of mountain culture, you will find a path immersed in tranquility and silence,which will satisfy your every need for relaxation. Choose the saunas with the most suitable temperature and degree of humidity for you, free your airways thanks to the healing steam baths, experience all the relaxation of the salt water pool, the Kneipp path and the relaxing beds or treat yourself to a well-deserved massage, choosing between: Ayurveda, relaxing, sporty or personalized or one of our special face and body treatments.  

Inside this area are the following:  1 swimming pool with hydromassage beds and water jets, 1 salt water pool with hydromassage beds, 1 Turkish bath, 1 bio sauna, 1 90 ° sauna for Aufguss rituals, 1 area with ice and cold reaction well , Kneipp path, 4 massage and treatment cabins, 1 wellness bar, 3 relaxation areas, 1 outdoor relaxation area.

Inside the area with the various pools and the 3 relaxation rooms, the use of swimsuit is mandatory, while inside the area with saunas and steam baths the use of synthetic swimsuit is prohibited, being able to choose whether to remain naked or by purchasing, at a cost of 2 one of our TNT paper costumes suitable for use in saunas.  Inside the Finnish Sauna and the Bio-Sauna it is necessary to have a cotton towel or natural fibers (no microfibre) to be spread under the seat.


AquaGranda - Fitness & Pool

Aquagranda Fitness & Pool , is a state-of-the-art gym, with all the tools necessary for preparation or simple exercise, suitable for sportsmen of all disciplines. It also has training rooms with more than 15 fitness courses regularly active throughout the year.

The gym is a total of 350 square meters , with the latest Technogym equipment, integrated with mywellness cloud system, the platform that allows via mobile app, access to training and to store and retrieve the results, wherever you are. 

During the year, many Fitness Courses are also offered that differ in type of training such as Total Body, Spinning, Movement, Boot Camp , for a more intense training, while Pilates or Yoga to regain the well-being of body and mind.  Thanks to the large windows of the equipment room, you can train while admiring the panorama of Livigno , a unique high-altitude fitness experience!

* Upon access, a deposit of € 10 is required, which will be returned when the bracelet is returned.

Access to the gym for children
Children under 14 can access ONLY ON THE OCCASION OF PERSONAL LESSON WITH AQ INSTRUCTOR, they cannot access either alone or accompanied by an adult.
Children over the age of 14 can access independently but at the time of first entry the parent must sign the self-certification.


AquaGranda - All areas Pass

The complete pass - full day access (adults only) to the Fitness & Pool.  Wellness & Relax plus Slide & Fun areas


AquaGranda - Baby Sitting Service

While parents relax or train in the sports area,  children between 4 and 14 years old can have fun with games and activities thanks to the presence of an animator - the activity includes childcare.

Times:  Tuesday to Sunday, from 16.00 to 18.00
For whom: children and teenagers, from 4 to 14 years.
Cost:  € 5.00 per child excluding the entrance ticket.
Reservation: not compulsory.

ATTENTION : The Baby Sitting activity takes place in the pool, therefore, participation is subject to access to the “ Slide & Fun ” area. Headphone mandatory.

AquaGranda - Running Track

An outdoor running track surrounded by a valley covered with vegetation to protect runners from the wind and immersed in the breathtaking panorama of the Italian Alps, the 6-lane track will allow you to train at 1816 m above sea level, taking advantage of the high altitude and the climate particularly favourable during the whole period from May to November.

To complete it in the coming years will be the Finnish track, a non-flat course, with climbs, descents and curves, specially designed for runners: the terrain of this special track, formed by a base of spongy material covered with a thick layer of sawdust, makes running or walking pleasant and elastic.

The athletics track is open every day from 06.00 to 21.00 *

* ATTENTION from 06.00 to 08.00 it is possible to access the track only with the subscription to the Aquagranda Active You center!


Bike Tours

We can help you organize some of the best tours that Livigno and the surrounding areas has to offer with rides for the novice up to expert level.   From local tours such as the Carosello Flow Trail and the Mottolino Bike Park to tours to Stelvio, Bernina to name but a few.

MTB all Mountain & Enduro packages as well as bespoke Road Bike Tours can be offered.

Bike Tours