Aiport Shuttle information

How do I recognize the Livigno Shuttle bus at the airport?

Our shuttle buses are easily recognizable from the logo Livigno Express and/or of Autotransporti Silvestri. In general, all buses have a flower decoration on both sides of the vehicle.

Where do I find the bus at Milano Malpensa airport?

Milano Malpensa (Terminal 1), Arrivals area, exit number 7.  Please go outside the door 10 minutes before departure at the latest and you will find the coach in the near vicinity  - the driver will have a list with your name


Where do I find the bus at Bergamo Orio al Serio airport?

Bergamo Orio al Serio airport, Arrival area, Arrival Door number 3.  After collecting your bags, go outside of Arrivals Door number 3 and you will need to go into the car park and look for the coach - the driver will have a list with your name


Where do I find the bus at Milano Linate airport?

Milano Linate airport, Arrivals area (ground floor), exit number 6.- Wait outside of exit number 6 and the coach will arrive 10 minutes before departure -  - the driver will have a list with your name


What happens if my flight is delayed?

The shuttle bus is a public service of transportation. Therefore, the timetables are fixed and we ask our passengers to arrive at the bus stop at least 10/15 minutes before the departure of the bus.

For such a reason, unfortunately, if you have already purchased a  ticket and your flight is delayed, the bus must respect its timetable and cannot wait for late arrivals, so the bus ticket will not be refunded. We kindly ask you to be reachable at the mobile phone number you provided during the booking procedure.  If you are delayed, please notify us as soon as possible so we can inform the driver and we will advise you what is best to do

If you do not have a Livigno shuttle ticket yet and our timetable is not compatible with yours, please contact us to request a personalized solution on


If I miss my bus, can I travel on the following one?

Your ticket is only valid for the bus ride you specifically booked so we cannot guarantee a seat on another shuttle bus.  Nevertheless, if you miss your bus - please call us immediately on (0039) 345 062 5044 and we will try our best to allow you to travel on the next bus subject to availability.


Why do I need to be reachable at my mobile phone number?

If all passengers have arrived at the airport,  the transfer bus may be able to leave earlier than planned.  The driver will call you if this is the case.  Please have your mobile phone switched on and also check you email inbox.